Sample content below for both steps A (Jim Desmond) and B (District 5)
I have lived in Oceanside for ---- years and continue to be alarmed at the number of transients living in and near the SLR riverbed area - near my home. Recently a local boy was attacked by one of these transients. I do not think the city should be marketing the bike trail as safe until something is done to protect everyone in the area. I know that you are aware of the fire dangers and other issues that continue to rise in this area. We do not need to wait for a murder in our area (as seen recently in Carlsbad). The man arrested this weekend has a criminal history and should not be living in an area where he has access to grab a child who is just out riding his bike. There are many in our area who are going to be working hard to make sure we elect officials in Oceanside who care about everyone in our community - I understand helping those who are truly down and out and who will also work to help themselves - but I am not supportive of criminals, drug addicts and the mentally ill living in the riverbed - There has to be a solution that does not affect the quality of life for your taxpaying constituents. I would love to shop Oceanside and play in Oceanside - but right now I don't feel safe in many areas. Please help!

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