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I have lived in Oceanside for --- years and continue to be alarmed at the number of transients living in and near the San Luis Rey riverbed area. Recently a local boy was attacked by one of these transients with a criminal history living in the riverbed.

I understand that there are state laws currently protecting the criminal element living in the streets and in the riverbed area. Some of these laws were voted in by Propositions and others by our legislators and are causing severe local public safety issues.

AB109 has caused overcrowding in local jails, thus we cannot hold our local criminals, forcing them back out on the street.

Prop 47 reduces and decriminalizes too many severe crimes and drug use and is substantially contributing to the homeless crisis.

The recent 9th Circuit case ruling on Martin vs. Boise has caused panic and out of fear of lawsuits is being over-interpreted by local governments. Local governments are afraid to touch homeless even for clear trespassing violations on non-public environmentally-protected land.

AB 516 is bad for our public safety and quality of life, especially in beach communities. It would prevent police from being able to tow cars and allow people to live in their cars in our streets. Another solution to the problem must be proposed that prioritizes public safety and quality of life.

SB 1380, housing first, creates a perpetual cycle of substance abuse and state dependence. We have set up free drug houses for our citizens. SB1380 needs to be narrowed to apply to only those who are severely mentally ill or handicapped and cannot otherwise function on their own. The vast majority of homeless need to be on a plan for permanent restoration, which should include requirements for sobriety and a path to employment. SB 1380 is being rampantly abused.

There are many in our area who are going to be working hard to make sure we elect representatives who care about everyone in our community. I understand helping those who are truly down and out and who will also work to help themselves - but I am not supportive of criminals, drug addicts and the mentally ill living in the riverbed or on the streets of Oceanside. There has to be a solution that does not affect the quality of life for your taxpaying constituents.

Please help!

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